What I Do:

My name is Kellie and I own Kustomize Your Vape (aka KyVape)!

I am obsessed with personalizing and color coordinating literally every mod and tank I own. See?

After I finally finished getting all this set up just the way I liked it I decided to show them off and to my surprise, everyone loved them and wanted me to make their units some custom O Rings and colored glass, too. So began KyVape! 

So excited!! This is my very first finished product: I do promise I am brushing up on my drip tip technique! Don’t laugh, here’s my very first one from either 2015-2016. I have come a long way, I do believe! 😊tfv8 color changing Glass! Right now I am trying to learn how to make drip tips of different materials and shapes, plus I am perfecting my other “customizing” skills before I put my whole shop up, but it will be up very soon!! I am starting to get excited to publish my shop in the next couple of weeks so I will have all your Vapes looking Kustomized! 

Thanks for reading this and I hope you check out my page again when I’m up and running!